Tamara Laporte

Tamara Laporte is a creative catalyst of thousands of beautiful people. She is a celebrated mixed media artist and art teacher who has been running her own creative business since 2008. Her work can be described as ‘mixed media folk art’ with a focus on ‘magical realism’. Love, mystery, innocence, hope, spirituality, kindness and self-connection inspire her artwork.

Symbolism and layering play a big part in her work. Her paintings often contain healing themes, uplifting messages and inspirational poetry.  She believes that the act of creating art can be a gateway into healing and personal growth.  

Her work and articles have been published in several art magazines and books and she's been interviewed for several online radio stations. She runs a variety of popular art classes (“Willowing Arts”), which has over 26,500+ members and grows with about 150-200 mixed enthusiasts each month!

Tam lives and works in the South of England with her handsome husband Andy and two magical boys, Dylan & Elliot.