Livi & Finn


Mantra: “The eARTh with out ART is just eh”. Living and looking at life through the eye and perspective of an artist changes and enhances virtually everything we see. Being able to turn that view into pure artistic expression is such a blessing. When seeing something new, unique or beautiful the thought is how can that be turned into a painting? The hands go up to form a frame, one eye closes and the sketchpad or camera comes out. It slows life down a tad, but that’s just a bonus. Thinking in terms of color, composition, texture, all while trying to blend traditional techniques with modern technology. Everything must have hand rendered aspects, but also embracing digital methods of production, which only enhances that creative spirit.  Most everything is created as mixed media, with an emphasis on watercolors and acrylics, but sometimes oil is the only way to get a certain look. Every subject, each new idea calls for a different approach or medium - always being a bit eclectic in the subjects and mediums that are created. One day it’s flowers, the next day it’s whimsical animals. Exploring, experimenting, happy accidents or mistakes that take you in a whole new direction, and just plain hard work, with a desire to touch the world in some small way with thesecreations is the motivation.