Like any other brand GAPCHINSKA has its own story beginning in 2002…

The Ukrainian artist Evgenia Gapchinska created a collection of paintings with recognizable and unique characters.  The paintings reflect ordinary stories with implicated significance. Gapchinska’s cute little characters enjoy simple things, which compose the diversity of life. The themes for the paintings originate from real life scenarios and therefore they quickly resonate with female audiences. Evgenia started illustrating books and her style has become more distinctive.

The brand is filled with the eternal values. GAPCHINSKA communicates to its audience something very special, deeply private: love, happiness, goodness, tenderness, care, dreams. The universality of GAPCHINSKA’S themes and images allows the brand to cross borders between cultures, countries, age and social groups, while recalling to their childhood as well as to the fondest feelings.

First images of GAPCHINSKA appeared on calendars and then on tote bags, decorative pillows and kitchen utensils. All of them produced in limited collections and sold only in the artist’s galleries. The Buffalo Works proudly represents the GAPCHINSKA brand for the U.S. Market.