Debbie Arambula

Debbie was born in Tucson, Arizona in the early 60's.  But by the time she was 6 months old she had moved to San Jose, California.  Growing up in the lush, open fields in Santa Clara County, nature was a constant source of inspiration.  Encouraged by her artist grandmother, she decided to give painting a try.  But frustrated by her inability to fully express herself she abandoned it all together. It wasn't until the age of 35, long after she had married and given birth to her three beautiful children, that she uncovered her life’s calling. 

Since a very early age, she had a feeling of deep calling to use her energy to uplift, inspire and to bring more beauty to the world. Nothing gives her more satisfaction than to see her collectors’ face light up while gazing at one of her paintings.  She is thankful for her cadre of collectors and her family who encourages and supports her.  She believes that what makes her company different is that love surrounds it, inside and out.