Being a dog photographer is not a profession I chose. It chose me. It happened in a most unlikely time and place. In the midst of my tears, while scattering the ashes of my puppy Rosalie in the park she loved so much, I made myself a promise to use my talents to contribute to the welfare of animals. Out of my devastation and grief came a vision for this project, and I began to work on a book of portraits of dogs rescued from the streets and from shelters.

My dream is that there won’t be homeless pets anymore, anywhere. 

Most of all, I want COMPAWSSION to be about mutual respect, love, joy, and the celebration of the rich emotional connection between dogs and people. There is definitely a greater awareness growing everywhere, with wonderful, dedicated people rescuing and placing dogs every day. With each picture I take, I plant a seed. I hope that one day the seed will become a beautiful tree. I probably won’t be around anymore to stand in awe in front of a forest, but it’s all part of the traveler’s Tao, “the destination is not important.”