At Peace

At Peace is a state of mind, which is determined only by oneself.

Get it.  Live it.  Share it.

The At Peace consumer wants to support positive messaging and peace both internally and externally. They desire, in some way, to be an active participant for a more peaceful world.

At Peace creator, Bill Waxler, was having coffee with a friend one Sunday afternoon while discussing the fascination of symbols and how much they can represent or tell a story without even a single word attached.  Bill and his buddy observed how the “Peace” icon is one of the most powerful symbols ever created and instantly resonates emotion.  They thought pairing it with the “At” icon would make a statement that can have a different and very personal meaning to a variety of people while also spreading a positive and peaceful message to their community and the world. Their hope is that creating this brand will help the world’s citizens truly become more “At Peace”.